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Hi! My name is Alina Croitoru and I am a qualified psychodynamic counsellor. I have created

Colchester Therapy  with you in mind, hoping to offer you a safe space where you can look for your own answers. 

Whatever brings you to Colchester Therapy, you are always welcome.  I am here for you from day one, ready to follow your pace and support you all the way through  your journey. 

What is psychodynamic counselling? 

The psychodynamic approach to counselling derives from psychoanalysis, the original type of talking therapy. Understanding the role that unconscious processes and early life experiences can play in one’s current life represents the core of this approach. The aim of this type of counselling is not only to help manage symptoms, but also understand why you might experience such symptoms and what they mean to you. While in therapy with me, you are encouraged to tell your own story in your own way. We will reflect on it together, often making connections between past experiences and present ones in order to gain insight into your internal world and external presentation.

By understanding the root cause of your difficulties and by becoming more aware of the underlying psychological processes, you can start feeling more in charge of your own life, as well as experience an increased sense of self-worth and well-being.

Some difficulties I can help with:

Anxiety  Depression  Family issues
Relationship issues  Loss Addiction 

Cultural issues  Stress   Self-Esteem

Coping with change    Identity 

Work-related difficulties Career counselling

Personal development Living meaningfully

How I work 

During the sessions, we will be looking at past and current experiences to understand more about your ways of feeling, thinking and relating. We will pay attention to everything you bring, from feelings and thoughts to dreams and fantasies, as well as to the way you relate to such psychological contents.


My working style is non-directive and relationship-oriented, which means that the work we do is a collaborative effort, based on mutual trust. While I might occasionally ask questions and offer interpretations, my main role is to listen to you and support you in connecting the dots.

I run my face to face private practice from

The Turner Centre 

52 North Hill



During the COVID-19 pandemic, I am also able to offer telephone and video counselling. Please get in touch to check availability.



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